On January 1, 1949, Westinghouse Beaver Federal Credit Union received its charter from the NCUA. Originally serving only the employees of Westinghouse Electric in Beaver, your credit union has gone through several mergers, a community charter and has grown to serve over 22,000 members! Our roots are deep within the industry of the region, from serving many employee groups to adding members through mergers with other credit unions. These groups make us who we are today.


We now serve our members not only with all the technology to make banking easier but with the personal service that you may need when your web search just doesn’t seem to have the answer. We strive to provide our loyal members with top-notch service on a daily basis.This year, to celebrate, we will be focusing on our members. We will be bringing you exciting new technology, an updated website and newsletter, an all-out Annual Dinner Meeting celebration and various other events throughout the year. Our biggest announcement is our commitment of
70 Acts of Kindness throughout 2019.


West-Aircomm is committed to showing our members and community WE CARE.We will have updates soon!! Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages as well! #WAC70