Business Account Services

West-Aircomm offers a great basic checking account for the small business owner.

Here is an overview:

Account Service Service Description
Monthly Fee FREE
Minimum Balance Required None
Debit/ATM Card Available at No Charge
ATM Transactions* West-Aircomm ATMs are free, Non West-Aircomm ATMs first 8 monthly free, then $1 per transaction
Deposits FREE
Checks Deposited FREE
Checks Paid FREE
Cash Deposited or Furnished FREE
Night Bags Processed (disposable) FREE
Night Bags Processed (canvas) FREE
Coin Service Amount of fee based on the usage of West-Aircomm’s products and services

*West-Aircomm has no control over any fees other financial institutions may charge for use of their ATMs. Participating network ATMs do not charge an additional surcharge, the networks are CU$, Select-A-Branch, PNC, and West-Aircomm owned ATMs. Usage of network ATMs counts toward the limit of transactions at non West-Aircomm ATMs.

Business Visa Credit Card

West-Aircomm now offers a credit card that works just as hard as you do. The West-Aircomm Business Visa Credit Card has unique features such as bonus points and no annual fee.

Free Visa Check Card

We’ve put some of the most popular services in the palm of your hand. Our Visa Check Card gives your business a faster and more economical way to buy the products and services that you need for your business. That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from your checking account without having to write out a check. Even better, there are no usage fees – it’s free!

Free Business Virtual Branch Banking

We offer a great free Internet Banking product called Business Virtual Branch. This product allows you to get balances, check image copies, view account history, and transfer funds at your convenience. Along with Virtual Branch comes free e-statements.


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