Business Loans

West-Aircomm offers many types of business loans to meet your financial needs.

Secured and Unsecured Term Loans

If you need a flexible way to get secured or unsecured business loan funding, this loan will give you access to convenient financing with a fixed payment at a fixed interest rate

  • Competitive fixed interest rates with fixed payments
  • Up to 15 year terms
  • Secured or Unsecured loans
  • Collateral can be real estate, inventory, receivables, furniture, fixtures and stocks/bonds

Business Real Estate Financing

You can get a commercial real estate loan to purchase new property or land, refinance an existing mortgage to lower payments or get a lower interest rate, and to get cash from the equity in your property for any business purpose

  • Terms up to 15 years with amortization up to 30 years
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates
  • No annual fees on fixed rate loans
  • Borrow up to 80% loan-to-value of property value

Construction Loans

Loans to fund your new building or expand your facility at similar terms as the commercial real estate loans. There is an interest only construction period.

Demand Loans

This is a short-term loan which is payable in one lump-sum payment

Revolving Line of Credit

A credit limit is set, which allows you to borrow against the credit line without reapplying each time.

  • Lines of credit can be unsecured or secured by collateral such as inventory or equipment
  • Variable interest rate set to the prime rate
  • Payments are typically interest only
  • Principal can be paid back at any time
  • The credit line is renewed annually
  • Easy access to your credit line for short-term borrowing needs including cash flow

Letters of Credit

A guaranteed letter of credit from West-Aircomm FCU on your behalf. The annual fee is generally 1-2% of the balance.

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