Tuesday, July 31 – Friday, August 3, 2018

West-Aircomm is converting our core system to a more robust operating system to support future technologies, increase efficiency and provide West-Aircomm with enhanced system capabilities to better support the changing service needs of our membership.

Below is general information and a chart of service availability during the conversion. For a full a printable Conversion Guide, including Frequently Asked Questions click here.

How the Conversion Affects Your West-Aircomm Account

Account Numbers

Your base account number will NOT change. Currently, your account has a suffix to identify the type of account. For example, a checking account is currently identified as 12345-071. After August 1st each account will be identified simply by the account type. Such as 12345 checking or 12345 savings.

Unless you receive a separate notification of any updates needed to a specific account, you will not need to update your checks, bill pay, direct deposits, or electronic debits/credits due to this change.

What Will NOT Change:
• Your West-Aircomm checks.
• West-Aircomm Online banking and Mobile App.
• West-Aircomm VISA Debit and Credit Card numbers and PINs.
• West-Aircomm’s routing and transit number.
• West-Aircomm’s Bill Payment payees and history.

We do not anticipate any interruption or required changes to current direct deposits (including social security and government checks) and automatic debits (pre-authorized payments, pre-authorized payees, and payroll deductions). It is always a good practice to confirm all account activity, direct deposit allocations, automatic loan payments, and debits on a routine basis.

Service Availability During the Conversion