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    There is a $30 fee per loan that is skipped. The fee is only assessed if your request is approved. You may pay this fee by transfer from West-Aircomm account or from another financial institution.
  • *You are required to fill in an option below. If no financial institution information is entered your Skip-A-Pay will not be processed.
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    By clicking the "Submit" button you are agreeing to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Accounts that participate in our Skip-A-Pay program will not be charged a Late Charge for the payment skipped. However, finance charges will continue to accrue on your loans at the rate set forth in the applicable Loan Agreement/Note with us. For all loans on which a skip payment is approved, immediately following the skip payment period, your minimum or monthly payments, as applicable, will return to their regularly scheduled amounts and due dates as specified in and pursuant to such Loan Agreement/ Note, except as the Loan Agreement/Note is specifically amended below. By requesting Skip-A-Pay and clicking the “submit” button below or returning your request to West-Aircomm FCU, (1) you agree to make payments in the regularly scheduled amount every month until you have paid all of the principal and interest and any other charges you may owe under the Loan Agreement/Note; (2) You agree that negative amortization may occur during the period of skipped payment; (3) You agree that negative amortization will increase the amount you owe under the Loan Agreement/Note and will reduce your equity in any property or collateral which secures the Account; (4) You agree that all other provisions of said Loan Agreement/Note shall remain the same and in full force and effect; and (5) you agree that you and West-Aircomm FCU do not intend to affect a novation of the indebtedness represented by the Loan Agreement/Note as a result of your participation in the Skip-A-Pay Program. You acknowledge and agree a Skip-A-Pay fee of $30.00 per loan is due and payable on each loan at each time a skip payment is permitted. If you have indicated on the request form to pull the fee from your account, you authorize the West-Aircomm FCU to debit any account you have at West-Aircomm FCU for such fees. You may choose to pay the fee by check or by phone through ACH from another financial institution. The Skip-A-Pay Program is not available for Visa credit cards, home equity line of credit or home equity loans. You may skip payment on one or more loans only once during a period of twelve consecutive (12) months. The maximum number of 6 skips is allowed over the life of the loan. If you have GAP coverage, your GAP coverage only includes up to 2 skips during the life of the loan. You must meet the Credit Union’s underwriting criteria and qualifications. The Credit Union reserves the right to deny Skip-A-Pay on any loan for any reason. Member and loan account must be in good standing. All loans must be current in order to be eligible for Skip-a-Pay Program participation. You can’t have a loan modification due to hardship on your loan. Your request to skip a payment must be received ten days prior to the due date to be effective for that month. You will be notified when your skip payment is completed or if your request is denied. Contact West-Aircomm FCU for more details at 724-775-9630 or by e-mail at loansvisa@westaircomm.com.