Point. Tap. Deposit.

Mobile Deposit makes it easy to deposit a check from anywhere you use your mobile device to access the West-Aircomm Mobile app. All you need is your mobile device’s camera and you can point, tap, and deposit!

How to use Mobile Deposit:

  • Open West-Aircomm’s Mobile App and login to your account.
  • Tap the “Deposit” icon.
  • Select “Deposit a Check”
  • Select the account you would like to deposit the check and the amount of the check. (Be sure to enter decimal point)
  • Be sure check is endorsed with: FOR REMOTE DEPOSIT ONLY AT WEST-AIRCOMM FCU followed by YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER (i.e. 12345) This is required for any check deposited using West-Aircomm Mobile Deposit.
  • You will be prompted to take a picture of the “Front” and “Back” of your check. Also, use the on-screen guides to align the endorsement within the picture box.
  • After you have taken pictures of both the front and back of the check, you will verify your deposit.

It’s that simple! For more information use our Mobile Deposit cheat sheet or read over the FAQ.

In order to access West-Aircomm Mobile Deposit, you must be enrolled in Virtual Branch®. To enroll click here.

Terms and Conditions for West-Aircomm Mobile Deposit

 *Mobile internet access is required to use West-Aircomm’s Mobile Banking Apps. Check with your wireless carrier for fees that may apply. Online Banking features of Apps and Mobile Banking are available to Virtual Branch users only. It is recommended that you use security measures to protect any device that you use to connect to your West-Aircomm account. The total daily limit for funds deposited using Mobile Deposit is $5,000 with a per item limit of $3,000. There is no max number of times per day or rolling 30-day amount.

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