West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union Schedule of Fees

Effective January 1, 2020

Checking Account Fees

Check Copy $3.00
Check Order (first 50 Free) See price list
Temporary Checks (sheet of 4 checks) $1.00 per sheet
Non-Sufficient Funds (based on available balance) $30.00
Overdraft Privilege (based on available balance) $30.00
Closed Account/Open New Account (within 90 days) $20.00
Deposited Check Returned $10.00
Reopen Blocked/Closed Checking Account $20.00
Reopen Blocked/Closed Overdraft Privilege $20.00
Stop Payment per Request $15.00
Overdraft Transfer: Savings to Checking $5.00

Plastic Card/ACH Fees

ATM Transactions (up to 8 per month non WAC ATMs) FREE
ATM Transactions (over 8 monthly at non WAC ATMs) $1.00 per transaction
ATM Transactions (WAC owned ATMs) UNLIMITED FREE
ATM/Debit Card NSF (based on available balance) $30.00
Plastic Card Replacement $5.00
Reopen Blocked/Closed Card $20.00
VISA Check Card FREE
ATM/NSF Fee (based on available balance) $30.00
ATM/Debit Card Overdraft Privilege (based on available balance) $30.00
ACH/NSF Fee (based on available balance) $30.00
ACH stop payment cancellation $15.00
VISA Check Card FREE
VISA Gift Card $4.00
VISA Prepaid Card $7.00
VISA Prepaid Card Reload (in branch/by phone) $1.50
VISA NewGen Prepaid Card $5.00
VISA NewGen Prepaid Card Reload (in branch/by phone) $1.50
VISA Classic Credit Card Annual Fee $10.00
VISA Platinum Credit Card Annual Fee FREE
VISA Credit Card Late Fee  up to $25

Virtual Branch Home Banking

Virtual Branch Home Banking FREE
*Virtual Branch Bill Pay *FREE

*Free with direct deposit ($5.00 per month without direct deposit)

Teller Fees

Certified Check $5.00
Check Cashing (less than $100 in savings, account open more than 90 days
& no other credit union services used)
Copy of Statement $3.00
Money Orders $1.00

Other Fees

Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Account Research $20.00 per hour
Bad Address $5.00
Check by Phone $5.00 per check
Coin Deposit 3% on deposits over
Escheatment $75.00
Garnishment/Levy/Subpoena $75.00
IRA Transfer to another Financial Institution $30.00
Notary Services (members only) FREE
Phone Transactions (at credit union, more than one per day) $2.00 per transaction
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $25.00
Skip-A-Pay $30.00 (per loan payment skipped)
Stamp Guaranty (members only) FREE
Western Union Wire $20.00
Wire Transfer Incoming FREE
Wire Transfer Outgoing $20.00

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